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Website Developement

If you want an extraordinary website that is marketable, beats your competition and is affordable, then you will be amazed at what we offer.

Search Engine Optimization

What makes us different? We are honest and we report weekly and monthly while generating the results you expect.

Search Engine Marketing

If you don’t know how much you are paying for the management of your campaign, you can’t get a true understanding of what your ROI is on your AdWords or pay per click budget.

Welcome to  GoldSquare

Welcome to the GoldSquare website. If you’re here, that means you are probably looking for some solutions that you aren’t getting with what you are currently doing.

GoldSquare was started with the idea that blindly accepting less than spectacular results was no longer working. We want to push the boundaries of what the standard has been in the death care industry as it relates to marketing and internet marketing, and how it affects the viability of your funeral home, cemetery or cremation society. Even among our own staff, we realize that resting on any victory is a set up for failure – if you are not constantly working to understand the dynamically changing digital marketing world, you will lose.

What you did yesterday does not mean you will win today with the same strategies. We take this information to heart and aggressively pursue the knowledge we need to win.

The internet and Google have changed the way businesses in the death care industry have had to operate and up till now your choices in a partner to help you navigate this world have been less than ideal, if not downright dishonest.  If you are ready to think and move differently as it relates to your digital presence, then we invite you to explore the results and proof of results that come with working with GoldSquare.