Who Are We?

GoldSquare is an invitation only business. This is a thought out strategy that to some may seem limiting, but those that are in our group quickly understand what we...

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What Do We Do?

GoldSquare offers digital marketing services to the death care profession. Our digital marketing expertise comes to bear in three areas: search engine optimization...

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How Do We Do It?

We consistently achieve the results we do because of the data. In any form of marketing without data to build a strategy out of you are simply making a guess...

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Who Are Our Clients?

GoldSquare clients are a diverse group indeed, but have one thing in common. They have a desire to become (or to maintain) the top position in their...

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Meet Our Team

It takes a high performing team to deliver world class service and products our clients expect. At GoldSquare, we thrive on the strengths of our team members...

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Want your sales to skyrocket?

GoldSquare is a Certified Google Partner. Our only goal is to make your phone ring. We only succeed when you reach all of your sales goals.


Search Engine Optimization

We like to start all of our conversations out when the subject of Search Engine Optimization comes up by saying “Never trust anyone who says they do SEO"...

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Search Engine Marketing

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and depending on who you are talking to, it may be called different things. Some people will call it Adwords, pay per click...

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Funeral Home Sites

Nearly every thing you do as a manager or owner of your funeral home brand revolves around being first class. From the napkin emblazoned with your logo, to the...

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Cremation Sites

Today’s potential cremation client is online right now searching for information. Is your website prepared to give them what they want? Our cremation website...

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Cemetery Sites

Whether your cemetery is a stand alone or is part of a perfect combination, your website is an important extension of your brand and company promise. By using...

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Mobile is all the rage

Customers access your services on a wide array of devices. Our sites deliver a consistent experience across all device platforms.


  • Mobile Enabled
  • E-Commerce Driven
  • Built-In Legal Forms
  • Obituaries Guestbook
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  • Digital Market Analysis
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Marketing Proposal
  • Weekly Status Reports
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We are revolutionizing the death care profession one client at a time

Website Development

We develop aesthetically appealing websites wrapped around the most popular platform, WordPress. Over 21% of all websites on the internet operate using the WordPress platform and since Google prefers WordPress, we do too!

Search Engine Optimization

Our team of over 40 people work on SEO excellence for our clients every day. The tasks we handle and take care of are akin to a 24 hour newspaper print cycle, and we never rest until you are #1!

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is why Google is a Fortune 10 company. SEM consists of a daily auction for search keywords being held with customers bidding so that their ads are displayed to searchers. Win this auction using our proven methods!

Our E-Commerce Driven Platforms

Consumers expect simple eCommerce solutions when they buy, and GoldSquare uses secure and time-tested technology delivering a simple experience that most can complete within 6-8 minutes. The steps for our eArrangement system were designed by a funeral director to ensure compliancy. At the end of the purchase the consumer is given a Statement of Goods and Services to consummate the transaction. Simple and easy!


Ready to take your company to the next level?

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